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Providing Your Children With The Support They Need

Life after a divorce can be especially difficult for the children involved. A new home, new friends and maybe a new school can all be a major upset for them that they will have to learn to live with, but one thing they should not have to worry about is whether there will be food on the table.

Securing a fair child support agreement can provide your kids with the resources they need, and we at the Law Offices of Tecla M. Lunak, APC, want to help you do it. We have been representing families throughout the Palm Desert area since 2015, and we are ready to help you and your children through your divorce. One of the most important ways we help kids in a divorce is by ensuring a court fairly calculates their child support arrangement.

How Is Child Support In California Calculated?

If you are wondering how child support is calculated, you can be at ease knowing you are not the one who has to figure it out. California courtrooms use the “income share” method of determining child support, which looks at economic tables and certain factors to reach the final figures.

Two of the primary factors included are the income of each parent and the amount of time that they each spend with the children after the divorce. For example, if the parent who earns less has primary custody, they would receive larger payments than if the higher earning parent had primary custody.

We take the time to ensure that the results of this formula are based solely on the most current and accurate information to prevent any weaponizing of child support against a spouse. We want to ensure your kids have what they need to grow up safely, and our family law team has the experience to pursue that goal.

We Are Here To Help

Trying to negotiate for a fair child support arrangement on your own can mean leaving money on the table that your kids deserve or paying an amount that is unfair to you. Do not take chances with such an important factor as your divorce and contact us today. Call us at 760-621-6113 or reach out online to schedule your initial consultation today.