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Navigating The Challenges Of Probate

When a loved one passes away, the process of distributing their assets, closing accounts and other estate needs is known as “probate.” This process can take months or longer without the guidance of a skilled probate lawyer. If you are facing the challenges of probate, make sure you have a skilled attorney by your side to help.

At the Law Offices of Tecla M. Lunak, APC, we have extensive experience representing clients throughout Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley with their probate needs. We are fluent in California law surrounding these matters and can help you overcome any of the challenges that may appear in your probate resolution process.

How We Help Our Clients

Every client we help has unique needs, and their probate process is just as unique. No matter how challenging your probate needs seem to be, we can resolve them quickly and efficiently. Some of the challenges we help our clients with include:

  • Trust disputes: When someone challenges the validity of a trust, it can change the entire outcome of the probate process. Whether you are defending or challenging the trust, our experience can be an essential advantage.
  • Breach of trust: If a trustee (the person responsible for managing a trust) fails to fulfill their obligations to their position, they may be accused of breaching the trust. Our skilled probate lawyers can represent you, whether you are being accused of the breach or you are accusing someone.
  • Guardianships: When a minor or incapacitated adult is required to make financial decisions in the probate process, a court-appointed guardian is often necessary to preserve the child’s or adult’s best interests. We can oversee the guardianship process to ensure everything is on board.

If these or other issues arise in the resolution process, you can rest easy knowing we are handling things. Instead of probate taking a year or more on your own, let us shorten things to weeks or months.

Let Us Keep Things Simple

If you are dealing with probate, do not go through it alone. Call our Palm Desert probate lawyer for the guidance you need through your probate needs. Contact us by emailing us here or calling 760-621-6113 to schedule your initial consultation today.