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Legal Representation For Prenuptial Agreement Matters

There is a lot to prepare for before marriage. One of the things you may want to consider is a prenuptial agreement. With the help of a prenuptial agreement, you can avoid complex legal processes should your marriage not work out.

A prenup is a legal document that two people make before getting married and can help protect assets. At the Law Offices of Tecla M. Lunak, APC, our experienced family law lawyers can help you through the process of making a prenup. We understand the complexities of California divorce laws.

Who Can Benefit From A Prenuptial Agreement?

To understand if a prenup is right for you, it can help to understand that California is a community property state – but valid premarital agreements can override state laws. Prenups can set the stage for an amicable split and provide a sense of security for:

  • Individuals with significant assets they have acquired before marriage
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who need to protect their assets
  • People with significant family heirlooms and expected inheritances
  • A spouse who will give up their career to be a homemaker
  • Couples where one or both have significant debts heading into marriage

Couples entering into second or third marriages may also use prenuptial agreements to protect the inheritances of their adult children.

No Prenuptial Agreement? Consider A Postnuptial Agreement.

A prenup is created before marriage. However, those who are married still have the option to plan for the uncertainty of the future with a post-marital agreement. A postnup is a legal agreement that is made after marriage and can do almost everything a prenup can. You can even use a postnup to make changes to a prenup.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Options

Is a prenup is right for you? At the Law Offices of Tecla M. Lunak, APC, our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience guiding Palm Desert individuals and families with a range of divorce and family legal matters. To talk about your prenup and postnup options, you can contact us at 760-621-6113 or email us today.